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The Foundation

The mission of Kyle’s Kids Foundation is to help meet the needs of social-economic disadvantaged youth in need of an organ transplant. We do this by providing information and education regarding the organ transplantation process, improving their health and well-being overall. We advocate for sustaining and empowering the lives of those in need of an organ donation every day. 


Founded in 2009, after our CEO, Kyle W Cobb, received a life-changing end-stage renal failure diagnosis and became subject to the daily life of dialysis and, ultimately, a transplant patient. Throughout his journey, Kyle found inspiration after attending ‘Camp Independence.’ Camp Independence is a week long summer experience for children and teens, ages 8 to 18, who have an ongoing diagnosis with kidney disease, are on dialysis or have received a life-saving organ transplant. Made possible through the generous support of private foundations, corporations, and individuals, Camp Independence gives every child a chance to experience camp, build friendships, and make memories to last a lifetime. 



Our CEO recounts his experience in simple terms, “For 51 weeks out of the year, as someone who has endured the trials of pre and post-transplantation, you become familiar with being an outcast and different than everyone else. Whether it’s at school, sporting activities, or youth church groups, you are always the one that has a handicap. However, for the one week, you attend ‘Camp Independence’ organized by Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta; you can feel normal and fellowship with others who endure your plight daily. It gives you the courage and confidence to face this world, knowing that you are not alone.” 


After winning “Camper of the Year” in 2012, Kyle was determined to expand and foster the idea of fellowship, friendship, and community within those who had been diagnosed with end-stage renal failure or received an organ transplant. This aspiration gave birth to the vision of Kyle’s Kids Foundation Center. In this place, those diagnosed with end-stage renal failure and recipients of organ transplants could have access to the weeklong ‘Camp Independence’ experience 365 days a year. 


Our long term goal is to cultivate a ‘Center for Life’ where your local YMCA meets a general pediatric transplant clinic. As Kyle says, “that is what we are working towards every day, that is our why.”

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